Correcting mistakes in spelling, punctuation, capitalization, and spacing; applying consistent text and design styles across the site (body copy, captions, menus, buttons, headers, footers, etc.); checking cross-references between pages; identifying broken or misdirected links


Correcting grammar, sentence structure, and usage; identifying weak words and phrases; ensuring that the website copy effectively communicates the client’s message to potential customers

Custom Style Sheet

A quick-reference list of established styles that helps the client maintain their site; includes spelling, capitalization, and punctuation rules for industry and company-specific terms and other problem words that are commonly used on the site; capitalization and punctuation styles for headlines, subheads, menus, and buttons; numeral and symbol usage; color codes and font choices

Full-Site Evaluation

Review the entire site for errors in copy, inconsistency in style, spelling, and formatting, broken or misdirected links, misaligned design elements, and other problems. Perfect for older websites that haven’t been updated in a year or longer.

Basic Website Build

An attractive, affordable WordPress website with the basic features needed to establish an internet presence; hosting and maintenance plans available. Perfect for professionals and small businesses.

Website Content Maintenance

Copyedit new website content (news items, event announcements, blog posts, etc.); schedule and post content, regularly or as needed; ensure that links work after updates. Perfect for websites that are updated frequently.

Website Expansion

Add pages or features to your basic WordPress website or an existing website; redesign an existing site based on a new theme

Per-Project Pricing

Put together a service package that suits your particular needs and get a customized quote.

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