What’s your area of expertise? Chances are it’s not copy editing or proofreading, and that’s OK. I’m here to help! Take the 5-day Clean Copy Challenge and be confident that your website enhances your professional image.

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Get noticed for the right reasons.

The good news for your business: There are 5 billion potential customers online. The smack-in-the-face reality: You’re competing with over 1 billion other websites for their attention. If you’re lucky enough to get noticed, you’ve got seconds to get your message across before visitors move on. The cleaner and clearer your website copy, the more professional you appear, and that gives potential customers confidence in your business.

I’ve fallen in love … with my new website copy!

You, 5 Days from Now

What’s the purpose of your
website copy?

Copy does more than fill the space between photos. It’s your first line of business communication with a potential customer. Unless you’re convinced that nobody’s going to read it, you want this text to be period perfect. Why stammer out your sales pitch when you can speak with authority? Choosing the right words is more effective than filling a page with fluff, since potential customers are more likely to read print that gets to the point.

Does your copy reflect the quality of your work?

Do you take pride in delivering a quality product or service? Then don’t settle for poor punctuation, misspelled words, or clunky sentences in your website copy. You want visitors to get the message that you pay attention to detail and do the job right the first time. Typos and inconsistent styles suggest that your business does just enough to get by.

Going back over my website copy, I realized how much experience I’ve gained in just a few years.

Also You, 5 Days from Now
results, not excuses

The Challenge: 5 days, 5 emails …
1 professional website

You may feel intimidated by the task of editing your website copy, but you can’t afford to put it off any longer. In just 5 days, I’ll help you upgrade the impression you leave on the internet. Put that worldwide marketing tool to work for your business. Sign up to take the Clean Copy Challenge today!

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